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I've been composing original music since 2005, and have contributed voice and audio to a number of projects. I've worked as a composer for projects like Divided Games' Growbot, as well as the 2015 DC Global Game Jam Best-In-Show 2d game, "Lawn Order." A Unity-based one-to-four player horde style game, I contributed two musical tracks and original sound effects, as well as the programming for the sound engine. The game was programmed from scratch in under 48 hours.


I studied under Dr. Jesse Guessford as part of the new B.A. of Music Technology available at George Mason University. During my time as a student, I was employed by the school to design the computer infrastructure of the new world-class audio recording lab, drawing up and implementing plans for an automated and self-correcting imaging system built to scale and provide a stable audio recording and editing environment across differently outfitted machines.


Since July 2014, I've been working as a software design intern at the analytics startup, Zaius. I've designed two working products from scratch, one of which is closed and proprietary. The smaller of the two projects, SoPerf, is open-source and available on my GitHub.

I've done mostly backend work and tool design in pure Ruby, though I've also gathered valuable experience doing back/frontend integration and design working in Rails, Javascript/Coffeescript, CSS/SASS, and HAML.


Over the last few years, taken a number of positions and opportunities while pursuing my B.A. of Music Technology at George Mason University. I've taught at Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax, Virginia as the front ensemble instructor and lead audio technician. In 2013, I became a founding faculty member and technical consultant of The Richardson School of Music in Takoma Park, Maryland, where I taught percussion and digital audio production.




Lawn Order

Lawn Order